HAIR FACT NW-H-RESTORE [B-118TFC057| Exp:- 4/23]

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Hair Fact Cyclical program

3 Orals are given in a cyclical therapy wherein each is given only twice a week (once in 72 hours). These orals are formulated entirely for hair & scalp needs. Addressing very carefully the role of the correct dosage, overdosages, time taken for absorption, sum total of all nutrients given, and how the micronutrients, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants react with each other, they do relate to each other. It is carefully formulated to ensure maximum efficacy with minimalistic dosages.

HAIR FACT NW-H-RESTORE [B-118TFC057| Exp:- 4/23]

1 review for HAIR FACT NW-H-RESTORE [B-118TFC057| Exp:- 4/23]

  1. srinudr71

    excellent product for hair growth

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